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18. april 2004
ServletSpeedster 0.9.3/0.9.4 is released.
    [0.9.3] Introduced 3 new features :
  • Forbidden path - to protect cached data from hackers
  • Compression - now large cached responses can be held in gzip compression
  • Statistics servlet - gives you a brief overview how well your caches work
[0.9.4] Added a more sensible example application which users can use as reference.
Also a possible memory leak source was closed so anyone using pre 0.9.4 please update at least to 0.9.4.
16. april 2004
ServletSpeedster 0.9.2 is released.
    The cache system had a little rewrite so no replacing old caches is done more intelligently and the performance should be better than it was before, at least in most cases.
15. april 2004
ServletSpeedster is up on sourceforge, cvs content and release added.
    Because this is the initial release some bugs may lurk around and i'd be glad to fix them. If you think you have found one, please report it.
14. april 2004
Started creating the sourceforge page for it.
    I'm trying to get the Sourceforge site up and running as soon as i can, at the same time i'm writing the documentation and creating some useful examples that would simplify the use of ServletSpeedster.
9. april 2004
Started creating the source.
    As i created somewhat alike source in one of my projects i decided to share it with the community, i'm starting to create it as a separate package which could be used with ease.