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Quick advices for new ServletSpeedster Users

  • First take your time planning which parts of your pages could be cached and which can not.
    10 minutes wasted on planning can easilly make days wasted on rewriting.
  • Don't overdo it.
    Everything your servlets create must not be cached.
    In certain cases caching in any implementation including ServletSpeedster could slow down your application.
  • If you have competent co-workers, don't be ashamed to discuss the caching with them. They may have ideas you don't have and also they can see problems where you can't.
    In my country we have an old expression : "Kaks pead on ikka kaks pead".
    Consulting with people involved with developing your application can never harm you. But you may get ideas/answers which could take you days to figure out.
  • Take your time for reading the documentation.
    One missed spot can in many cases mean a lot of time wasted on debugging and testing, in the contruary if you would have read the documentation, you would had a clear vision what you will have to do and how to do it.