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What is ServletSpeedster ?

    ServletSpeedster is a nice little servlet with a few helper classes that can speed up the jsp/servlet serving times you have. It doesn't really cache whole pages. It's about caching parts of the pages you serve. The parts that don't change don't need to be generated each time you create output from your servlet.
Some good examples of this are Menus, News and other visible parts of changes which are generated dynamically all the time altrough they shouldn't be.
  If SourceForge would support jsp-s even the block you are reading here could be served from a db and still be cached.
Cause it doesn't change every time you request it.

What knowledge must i have to use ServletSpeedster ?

    ServletSpeedster is quite simple. You need to know only simple things about jsp/servlet architecture and have a clear vision what you're going to create with your servlets.
ServletSpeester is meant to be almost trasparent for the rest of your implementation, you can comment out it whenever you want af if you haven't created any particular messs in your code your site can even work without enabling it. This could be needed for debugging as one example.